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En La Mira con Enrique Gratas

“En La Mira” presents the highest quality reporting , investigative features, breaking news coverage and news maker profiles which its mission is to inform, inspire and entertain. Hosted by Enrique Gratas and a strong veteran team of journalist which include Myrka Dellanos, Socorro Cruz and Ruben Olague. In every weekly 1hr episode we will take you to many places where we will explore En La Mira.

Mi Sueno es Bailar

“Mi Sueño es Bailar” features 10 superstar celebrities and their professional dance partners, competing to move on to the next round and grant the wish of a person in need.

Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento

Estrella TV is very proud to present the biggest and best talent competition on Spanish language television.

Que Jalada

“Que Jalada” is a viral video show with the most amazing and fun videos that are on the web. These videos will be critiqued by a panel of famous entertainers that have the most comic, sarcastic and blunt comments that will blow your mind. You can expect that and much more with Que Jalada!

El Show De Lagrimita y Costel

Lagrimita y Costel are a pair of legendary comedy performers that are now exclusively appearing on Estrella TV's funniest hour-long variety show!

Los Chuperamigos

"Los Chuperamigos" is an ensemble of Mexico's most famous comedic actors and writers delivering a completely original half-hour sitcom.

A Que No Puedes

"A Que No Puedes" is an exciting new program where celebrities win big money for their favorite charities. Featuring the comedic talents of Carlos Eduardo Rico and the quick wit of Jorge ("El Burro") Van Rankin and Edson ("El Norteno") Zuniga, "A Que No Puedes" is one of Estrella TV's most successful internally created and produced television shows.

Estudio 2

"Estudio 2" is the most ambitious new musical variety show in Spanish-language television. Famous Hispanic musical groups and artists perform hit songs everyday in a multi-stage private studio surrounded by their fans in a multi million dollar set. In addition to music superstars, "Estudio 2" features a talent contest that is decided by the live studio audience.

Alarma TV

Hosted by well-known actors Lianna Grethel and Televisa novela star Jorge Antolín, Alarma TV delivers compelling stories, investigative reports, original features, and other can’t-miss segments. The daily television news program delivers substantial media expertise from Mexico and the United States, this duo delivers the news like never before! This news-magazine show has skyrocketed in the ratings! Visit the website at: